Freshness you can sink your teeth into

Tobi Seeobst AG offers a comprehensive range of delicious, fresh, high-quality apples, pears, stone fruits and berries. Organically grown versions of the entire Tobi Seeobst AG range of fruits are also available.


The secret behind our signature Tobi quality

Speed, careful handling and state-of-the-art technologies are crucial to ensuring that all of our products make all the way to the end consumer’s kitchen table with our signature Tobi quality and freshness intact. Tobi Seeobst AG’s effective grading and packaging facilities utilise the latest technology. Our efficient infrastructure and more than 100 employees who are dedicated to maintaining the freshness of our apples, pears, stone fruits and berries in Bischofszell and Egnach is what allows us to offer such an excellent selection of fresh, crisp premium products and fruit every day – at your corner shop and at major supermarkets.

Peak season in the packing area

During peak season, between 50 and 60 people work on seven production lines in the packing area of Tobi Seeobst AG in Bischofszell. In the first step, the fruit travels via water conveyors to the correct packing line, where they are packed into containers that are dispensed from above the conveyors.

Packaging and quality assurance

After a final manual check, the fruit is dried off and packaged in bags, boxes of six or small crates. The pallets are transported through the packing line automatically; the containers are palletised, wrapped in plastic and labelled. Quality assurance is of the utmost importance – this also means including information on every label that allows the fruit to be traced all the way back to the farm or orchard where it was grown.