Tobi and Kanzi® apples

Juicy Kanzi® apples from Tobi Seeobst AG fill you with physical and mental energy for your day. Kanzi® apples feature an alluring red colour, a balanced sugar-to-acid ratio and dense flesh.

A health-conscious lifestyle

With their almost luxurious appearance and delicious texture, Kanzi® apples are exceptionally crisp, sweet and sour, and refreshing. A top-quality apple without a doubt. Kanzi® apples have firm flesh and are extremely juicy and flavourful. Compared to most other apple varieties, this brand-name product from Tobi Seeobst AG has a high level of acidity and is decidedly less sweet. Kanzi® apples are the perfect complement to a healthy lifestyle and modern nutritional habit. Treat yourself to a hint of luxury even in the smallest moments with Kanzi® apples.