Tobi and KIKU® apples

KIKU® stands for fresh apple emotion. Just thinking about it makes us want an apple. KIKU® is what is referred to as a “club variety”, and is trademark-protected around the world. The flesh is fresh, very juicy and sweet. Biting into a fresh KIKU® apple is an unforgettable delight. Naturally, KIKU® apples are also wonderful for baking and cooking.

A delicious way to get in your daily servings of fruit

KIKU® apples from Tobi Seeobst AG are an important part of your daily nutritional needs. Why? There are a number of reasons: their beneficial properties, their captivatingly exotic flavour, their stunning colour and their crisp, juicy texture. With their excellent health benefits and beautiful, ruby-red and striped appearance, KIKU® apples correspond to our idea of the perfect apple. There is nothing like biting into a delicious KIKU® apple, whether it is after a workout, during your break, watching TV in the evening, or at any other time of day or night. A healthy treat that is a hundred times more delicious than any sugary snack.