Tobi Seeobst AG bridges the gap between producers and consumers

Tobi Seeobst AG, headquartered in Bischofszell and with locations in Egnach and Güttingen, Switzerland, has been offering quality and freshness you can sink your teeth into since 2008. Our more than 100 employees do an outstanding job in ensuring this quality for all of our products: from apples and pears to berries all the way to stone fruits. We bridge the gap between producers and consumers. Our core business is storing, grading, packing and, last but not least, selling fresh fruit. And our signature Tobi quality is at the heart of everything we do.

Tobi Seeobst AG as an independent distributor

Tobi Seeobst AG is a reliable partner for nearly 450 producers. Our products all feature our signature Tobi quality and freshness, which is appreciated by customers such as Migros, Coop and many more. Our entrepreneurial spirit and the success of Tobi Seeobst AG is based on supporting our independent suppliers and helping them to grow. And, naturally, on importing additional varieties when necessary. We offer an experienced, friendly consulting service that is there for our partners to answer any questions or address any issues they may have, and also to offer solution-oriented advice and help at all times.